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Labor & Industries is Recruiting an ARNP for an Advisory Committee

Posted 2 months ago

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The Industrial Insurance Medical Advisory Committee (IIMAC) has been actively doing this since 2007, and we would like to recruit an ARNP to fill a vacant position.
The committee has fourteen member positions, and until now, all have been filled by physicians from different specialties. Since more than 1300 ARNPs treat injured workers, and they can be attending providers, their representation on the committee will add an important perspective. If you or an ARNP you know, would be interested in this opportunity, please read on about the duties and opportunities and the process for joining. Further information is also available on the IIMAC’s Website and in the attached letter. 

If you are interested in joining this productive and rewarding public-private partnership, please respond via mail or email to:
Jevahly Wark, RN
PO Box 44321
Olympia, WA 98504-4321
(360) 902-5762