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Benefits of Membership

Why Join?
Your membership supports our lobbyist and keeps you informed of current ARNP practice issues. Your membership and voice are essential to ensure accurate and robust representation. Your participation is a sound investment in safeguarding and advancing ARNP practice and our profession.

Membership Benefits

  • A professional lobbyist working on legislation that affects and benefits you.
  • ARNPs United of Washington State active web site.
  • Central office for information exchange.
  • Invitation to become actively involved in ARNPs United of Washington State leadership positions & Legislative Committee.
  • Membership is tax deductible.

Membership Makes a Difference
AUWS was officially formed in 1992 with the goal of promoting ARNP practice statewide. AUWS takes pride in representing over 9000 specialty and primary care nurse practitioners in Washington State. Through the work of the legislative committee and Board of Director volunteers, in addition to paid lobbyists, we have successfully advocated for ARNP practice, thus promoting independence for our important profession.

Since 1997, AUWS has initiated legislation and lobbied the state legislature on multiple issues, striving to protect and expand scope of practice while improving and increasing access to quality health care for our patients. Membership revenues are vital for ongoing support of these and other efforts on behalf of Washington State ARNPs.