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Limitations on your orders for Home Health Care for Medicaid patient

Posted almost 3 years ago by Nancy Lawton

CMS Limitation on NPs ordering Home Health Care for Medicaid Patients New rules by CMS restrict NP practice. We can no longer authorize Home Health Care for our Medicaid patients. Please let our US Senators and Congressional Representatives know this creates an additional barrier to care for our patients and unnecessary expenses to our practices. Use the AANP Advocacy Center to send a letter to your representatives asking them to support S. 578 and H. R. 1342 permitting ARNPs to authorize Home Health Care for our Medicaid AND Medicare patients. 


Lynn Handy almost 3 years ago

I work primarily in the skilled nursing setting and care for a large number of Medicaid. I coordinate discharges which almost always include Home Health services. At this time, the required face-to-face visit can be done by an ARNP, but it must be signed (or co-signed) by a physician. Around 15 years ago, my signature was sufficient. I see this as another hoop to jump through to get my patients necessary home services to ensure a safe and successful discharge, and prevent patients from rebounding back to the hospital. If there is enough support after discharge, this is less likely to happen. I cannot emphasize enough how much extra paperwork and wasted, nonproductive paperwork this can cause, and delay of necessary services while waiting for a physician signature.

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