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Contraceptive Sign

Posted over 2 years ago by Tracy Kiele

The 64th Legislature passed RCW 18.64.008 which tasked the Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission with increasing public awareness around access to self-administered contraceptives.  The Commission will develop a sticker or sign for display in the window or door of a pharmacy to inform the public where pharmacists are available to initiate or modify drug therapy related to self-administered contraception. [1] 

The Pharmacy Commission invites you to send your ideas on a design (artwork and/or text) for consideration as “the sign,” used by pharmacies and recognized by the public, to identify a location where self-administered contraceptives are prescribed and dispensed. 


  • Designs should be easy to read and convey a clear message.
  • The sign must be adaptable to other languages and alternative formats to meet patients’ needs (e.g. visual impairment).
  • The design should also include an option for pharmacies to add their logo if desired. 
  • Ultimately, the size and type of notice – sign or sticker- is determined by the pharmacy. 

Deadline for Submissions:

December 10, 2016. Please send your designs and ideas to the DOH HSQA Pharmacy Rules email inbox with the Subject line: Contraceptive Sign.  

The Pharmacy Commission subcommittee leading this project will hold a webinar to discuss the entries with stakeholder and finalize recommendation for the Commission’s decision. 

Please note, by submitting your design you have agreed to allow the Commission to use or modify the design, as it deems necessary.   The final design will be available on the Commission’s webpage. 

Thank you in advance for your participation and moving forward in providing patient access and care through pharmacy practice. 

[1] Collaborative Drug Therapy Agreement – pharmacist(s) with the authority to prescribe by initiating or modifying drug therapy in agreement with written guidelines or protocols established and approved by a practitioner authorized to prescribe drugs. WAC 246-863-100.  

For questions please contact:
Doreen E. Beebe, Program Manager
Washington State Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission