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Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain: Science Based Education

Posted almost 2 years ago by Nancy Lawton

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The second edition of University of WA Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute's (ADAI) clinician training "Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain" is now live (  Two important updates include:

  • Legislative update:  Explains the merging of the medicinal and non-medicinal cannabis market and regulation of medicinal cannabis practices and procedures by WA DOH.
  • Scientific evidence update: The National Academy of Medicine (NAM, formerly known as Institute of Medicine) released a report in Jan 2017 where it concluded that there is conclusive and strong evidence that medicinal cannabis has a moderate effect on decreasing chronic pain. 

This online training is free of charge for anyone interested. It is also eligible, for $25, for two Continuing Medical Education credits (CME) through UW and 2 Continuing Pharmacist Education credits through WA State Pharmacy Association (WSPA).