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Track your RN and ARNP license with Nursys®

Posted over 1 year ago by Nancy Lawton

The Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission is utilizing this system to monitor licenses.

I signed in and found it helpful getting electronic notification of the need to renew my licenses and confirmation when the renewal was completed.

What this system does not help you with is monitoring expiration of your DEA license or national certification. You still need to keep track of those on your own.

These practical tips will help you protect your license:

  • Enroll yourself as an individual in e-Notify at By enrolling into Nursys® e-Notify, you can take advantage of a quick, convenient and free way to keep up to date with your nursing licenses. You can receive licensure status updates, track license verifications for endorsement, and manage multiple license expiration reminders. Keeping on top of your license can help you prevent any fraudulent licenses or certificates being issued in your name. You will also be able to participate in a survey on nursing workforce in Washington State. The Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission and Washington Center for Nursing uses this information to gather important workforce data. They use the data to enhance Washington’s ability to plan for nurse supply and demand, and, ultimately, improve healthcare for all.

  • You should search for your record using Licensure QuickConfirm at After you access your record, you can print a report that will show your license number, original issue date, expiration date and discipline status. Please direct current or future employers to to verify your license.