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ARNPs United sponsors legislation for the 2018 Legislative session

Posted over 1 year ago by Nancy Lawton

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Leslie Emerick, our lobbyist, has "dropped"  legislation for provider neutral language regarding hospital hiring and hospital privileging requirements. See the attached documents for pictures and more information:

Amendment of RCW 70.41.230, which stipulates the process for hospital hiring and privileging, addresses the employment in hospitals of ARNPs and PAs who currently have hospital privileges for work in a variety of roles. For example, ARNPs work as nurse midwives providing care to pregnant women, neonatal nurse practitioners working with high-risk newborns, nurse anesthetists providing anesthesia to surgical and pregnant patients, nurse practitioners working in emergency rooms, clinical nurse specialists on inpatient and outpatient units, as hospitalists or members of palliative care teams.

The information required by the current RCW upon hiring and privileging of a physician is neither onerous nor beyond the usual expectation of any health care professional when hired for a clinical position. The inclusion of ARNPs in the RCW promotes consistent standards and public safety.