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Washington State Legislature Convenes

Posted over 1 year ago by Louise Kaplan

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The Washington State Legislature convened today, january 8, 2018, for a 60 day session. Here is a link to the Legislature's home page  ARNPs United is pleased to announce Representative Eileen Cody and Senator Annette Cleveland are prime sponsors of House Bill (HB) 2264 and Senate Bill (SB) 6067, respectively. This bill has been introduced at the request of ARNPs United to add ARNPs and PAs to the state's hospital privileging law. Here is a link to the House bill (the Senate bill is the sam) . A fact sheet is attached. This legislation when passed will assure hospitals are required to use the same crednetialing standards for ARNPs, PAs and physicians. The House Healthcare and Wellness Committee will hear the bill om January 10, 2018 at 1:30 pm. We will keep you posted on its progress throughout the session. We will also provide updates throughout the session on other important legislation as the session progresses.  Please contact Louise Kaplan, chair of the ARNPs United Legislative Committee with questions, comments, or issues of interest at ARNPs United represents you!