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Help Us Get SHB 2264 to the Floor of the Senate for a Vote!

Posted almost 2 years ago by Louise Kaplan

We need your help!  SHB 2264 concerning hospital privileges for advanced registered nurse practitioners and physician assistants is still in Senate Rules Committee. It must be voted on by the Senate no later than Friday March 2, 2108. Please contact your district's state senator is he or she is on Rules Committee and ask the bill be sent to the full Senate for a vote.   The list of Rule Committee members is below.  Here is a sample message. And thank you for your help!

ARNPs United of Washington would appreciate your help in pulling SHB 2264, concerning hospital privileges for advanced registered nurse practitioners and physician assistants, from the Rules Committee to the floor for a final vote in the Senate. SHB 2264 passed out of the House of Representatives unanimously. It has now passed the Senate Health and Long-Term Care Committee and is in Senate Rules.

This bill has been a two year process of working with the WA State Hospital Association and the WA Academy of Physicians Assistants and we are all in agreement and in support of this legislation. We are hopeful that you will help get this important clarification for hospital privileging out of the Senate Rules Committee and on to the floor of the Senate for a final vote.

 Thank you.


Habib, Cyrus (D)

220 Legislative Building

(360) 786-7700

Keiser, Karen (D)
Vice Chair

219 John A. Cherberg Building

(360) 786-7664

Bailey, Barbara (R)

407 Legislative Building

(360) 786-7618

Becker, Randi (R)

316 Legislative Building

(360) 786-7602

Billig, Andy (D)

412 Legislative Building

(360) 786-7604

Chase, Maralyn (D)

224 John A. Cherberg Building

(360) 786-7662

Cleveland, Annette (D)

220 John A. Cherberg Building

(360) 786-7696

Fain, Joe (R)

416 Legislative Building

(360) 786-7692

Hasegawa, Bob (D)

223 John A. Cherberg Building

(360) 786-7616

Hunt, Sam (D)

405 Legislative Building

(360) 786-7642

King, Curtis (R)

115 Irv Newhouse Building

(360) 786-7626

Liias, Marko (D)

309 Legislative Building

(360) 786-7640

McCoy, John (D)

305 Legislative Building

(360) 786-7674

Nelson, Sharon (D)

307 Legislative Building

(360) 786-7667

Pedersen, Jamie (D)

235 John A. Cherberg Building

(360) 786-7628

Schoesler, Mark (R)

314 Legislative Building

(360) 786-7620

Sheldon, Tim (D)

417 Legislative Building

(360) 786-7668