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Hiring: ARNP Lead at King County Juvenile Detention Youth Services Center

Posted 4 months ago by Nancy Lawton

The Division of Adolescent Medicine UW Department of Pediatrics is in the process of recruiting an ARNP Lead for the King County Juvenile Detention Services Center. The position is posted on the UW Human Resources website.


The Division is contracted to provide medical care for adolescents and young adults at the YSC and this position is the full-time provider. The practice is innovative and uses a public health and trauma-informed approach to providing care. This is a dynamic and changing program with the YSC moving to a new site with new electronic health records. The ARNP who fills this position will have the opportunity to further develop the program and enhance services. 

Under general direction from the Division’s YSC medical director, the ARNP provides medical care to adolescents and young adults that includes performing examinations, establishing diagnoses, and determining appropriate treatment or referral for medical problems. All treatment provided is within the scope of the applicable licensure.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the job.

Inga Manskopf

Administrator, Division of Adolescent Medicine
University of Washington Department of Pediatrics

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