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Washington State Opioid Rules

Posted 5 months ago by Louise Kaplan

In 2018, Washington State five health professions boards and commissions adopted revised opioid rules as required by passage of House Bill 1427 in 2017.  There were some differences in the rules among the professions.  For example, the Nursing Commissision requires the Prescription Monitoring Program be checked more often than other health professions are requried to do.  Another example is the Nursing Commission requries the ICD code on a prescription and the Medical Commission does not.  

Representatives of the fice health professions affected by the opioid prescribing rules are meeting to  discuss whether to propose changes to the rules to align them more closely. ARNPs United would appreciate feedback from you regarding the effect on your practice of implementation of the rules which can be found at this website  Additional information can be found at the Deaprtment of Health website

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