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Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment

Posted 2 months ago by Nancy Lawton

Some of you may have heard of the Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment (HR 2482) of 2019. Information about this bill and a petition are listed here. In short, this bill would deregulation buprenorphine (aka Suboxone), making it just like any other controlled medication and removing the additional regulations that can be both a deterrent and stigmatizing influence regarding its adoption into clinical practice by health teams.  Buprenorphine is one of the gold-standard treatment for opioid use disorder. Passing this bill will be a small but important step toward expanding access and removing stigma around opioid use disorders.

Do consider signing the petition, contacting your Congressperson (link within the petition) and spreading to your professional contacts. It is in support of a policy, not any individual politician or political party (the bill has bipartisan support already).