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L&I Provider Accounts and Credentialing is Moving to ProviderOne

Posted about 2 months ago by Tracy Kiele

In early 2020, the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) will begin using a new provider account and credentialing system called ProviderOne. This change will affect everyone providing services and goods to injured workers — health care providers and suppliers of goods and equipment.

Providers will need to take action prior to the transition to ProviderOne.  If they do not, their L&I account(s) may be deactivated, which may result in a delay of payment(s) for services.  

We are making every effort to alert providers about this upcoming change. Can you help us pass along the following request to your members and provider community?

Please email L&I the following information to as soon as possible:

The organization’s name.

The organization’s tax identification number or remittance advice payee number.

The credentialing specialist’s email address or the account manager’s email address. 

We will email updates and instructions about the transition to ProviderOne to the email address provided to us.

We’ll email providers to let them know how this transition may affect their account information, as well as next steps to validate, change, or update account information.

You can find the latest information at

If you have any questions regarding the transition to ProviderOne, please email us at