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ARNPs from the 28th Legislative District - meet Representative Dan Bronoske 9/25/2021

Posted over 1 year ago by Nancy Lawton

Hello all ARNPs from the 28th!
I hope that this finds you healthy and safe! Join your Representatives this Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Steilacoom Topside Coffee Cabin
We have pending Same Pay for Same Service and  Anesthesia Assistant bills coming to Olympia in the 2022 legislative session. ARNPs United is working diligently to promote progress on all fronts, but needs your help! Representative Dan Bronoske is one of the representatives for the 28 district (your district). He also serves on the Health and Wellness Committee in the House. He and fellow representative, Mari Leavitt, will be in attendance (she serves on the Joint Veterans’ and Military Affairs Committee). 
The coffee and conversation is this September 25 (Saturday), beginning at 11. Building these relationships now will be incredibly beneficial as we push for billing parity. This grassroots effort will pay off in the months to come!
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 
At your service,
Ashley Fedan, MS, CRNA, EdD (c)
Government Relations Chair, WANA