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Challenging Behavioral Health Problems in Primary Care? Join Kristine Highlander, PMHNP on December 15

Posted about 1 year ago by Nancy Lawton

Submit a case to Kristine before December 10. Register here.

Kristine Highlander, President of the Washington Chapter of the Association of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners is offering resources to primary care providers seeing patients with urgent behavioral health needs when referrals may not be available. She is providing resources below, but will present on December 15. If you have case studies to share submit them to us through the Contact Page on our website. If you plan to attend the program on December 15, please download the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale and WATCH the 20 minute video linked below PRIOR to Kristine's presentation.
Here are a few links to recommended resources:
A link to the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale, which is a great tool for helping assess risk and figure out next steps for patients with suicidal ideation:
Suicide-Risk-Assessment-C-SSRS-Lifeline-Version-2014.pdf (
This is a 20 minute training video for how to use the form above:
C-SSRS Screener Training - English (USA) - Bing video 
Here is a link to the Stanley Brown Safety Plan, which is meant to be completed with the patient and clinician together:
Brown_StanleySafetyPlanTemplate.pdf (
The University of Washington also has a psychiatric consultation line, which includes consultation on substance use disorders. Providers can call 877-WA-PSYCH (877-927-7924) and, after a short intake with a health navigator, they are connected to a UW Medicine psychiatrist.
Psychiatry Consultation Line Provides Mental Health Treatment Advice (Features Jürgen Unützer) | University of Washington - Department of Global Health
The SPIRIT Lab at the University of Washington focuses on treatment of people with psychosis. They have some resources on their webpage that may be helpful:
What Are the Evidence-Based Treatments for Psychosis? | SPIRIT Lab at the University of Washington ( 
Also a reminder about NAMI, as a resource for patients and their families. The UW SPIRIT Lab also has resources for families and caregivers for people specifically with psychosis, although many will be applicable to people with a variety of psychiatric issues
Get Help | NAMI Washington