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Please participate in this study

Posted about 1 year ago


We invite you to participate in a research study titled: Nurse Practitioner comfort and preparation for obtaining a sexual history in LGBTQ+ clients.  Dr. Stephanie Evans, Dr. Phillip Atchison and I am conducting this study to explore challenges experienced by Nurse Practitioners when caring for LGBTQ+ patients in routine, episodic, or complaint-based health examination.  

You were selected as a potential informant because you are a practicing Nurse Practitioner.  This study is completely voluntary. You can choose to participate in the study or not.

If you choose to participate, please click on this LINK which will open a confidential, online survey.  The first question in the survey contains the consent.  Please read the consent documentation carefully.  If you agree, your response “I agree” will move you to the questions.  We anticipate completion of the survey to take approximately 15 minutes.  If you do not wish to participate, simply close your browser. 

This is research. There is a potential risk of loss of confidentiality in all email, downloading, electronic meetings, and internet transactions. Responses to your survey will be held confidential.  Only the researchers will have access to the data and it will be contained in a secure location that is held with a password.

For questions regarding the study, please email me at or at 940-898-2411. 


Thank you very much.

Dr. Damon B. Cottrell