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Help SB 5704 the ARNP Reimbursement Bill Get a Vote in Committee

Posted 4 months ago by Louise Kaplan

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We need your help to get SB 5704, the ARNP reimbursement bill,  get a vote in committee.

The bill had a hearing on 1/17/22.  The next step in the process is a vote by the Senate Health & Long Term Care Committee to send the bill to Rules Committee which can select it to be scheduled for debate and a vote by the full Senate. 

Here is a link to the list of senators who serve on the committee.   If you are represented by one of the senators, please send a message asking to have the bill receive a vote.  The attached document is a template you can use or modify for your message.  If tour senator is a sponsor of the bill, please add a thank you for sponsorship.  That information is available at the top of the bill webpage accessed using the bill link above. If you click on the name of the senator, it will take you to a webpage where you can choose 'email' and send a message.

With a 60 day session, a vote in committee to move the bill forward is especially important.  The bill must receive a vote no later than February 3, 2022 to stay alive for the session. 

Thank you.  Your help will make a difference! 

Questions? Contact Louise Kaplan, AUWS Legislative Chair at