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Urgent Message About SB 5704 ARNP Reimbursement!

Posted 4 months ago by Louise Kaplan

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We need your help urgently!  SB 5704 regarding ARNP reimbursement is scheduled for executive action  tomorrow morning at 8 am.  Unfortunately, Sen. Rivers has submitted an amendment which would  have the following effect.

Limits the requirement for equal reimbursement to ARNPs who practice in rural areas as identified by DOH and have practiced for at least five years, and excludes ARNPs whose practice is primarily prescribing ketamine. Requires OIC to report to the Legislature by January 1, 2024 on the number of insurers who have changed their reimbursement policy because of this act, the number of ARNPs whose reimbursement increased, the number of physicians whose reimbursement decreased, and the cost to insurers to implement this act. Require that ARNP and physician license renewal fees are equal.

We must have the bill passed out of committee without this amendment. If you live in the district of one of the legislators on the committee, please send a message tonight asking to pass SB 5704 ARNP reimbursement out of committee without an amendment. 

To read the amendment, go to this webpage and scroll down to Executive Session, select SB 5704 and then select Amds/Proposed Subs

If you do not know your district, you can find it here

The list of members of the committee, their email address and that of their legislative aides is attached.  Please copy the aides to your message.

Please send your message NOW! The hearing is at 8 am tomorrow.  Join us for Lobby Day tonight to learn more about the bill.!info 

And thank you!!!