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Human Trafficking 101 for Medical Professionals

Posted about 2 months ago by Nancy Lawton

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A free education opportunity, Washington Trafficking Prevention (WTP) is providing for healthcare providers. WTP is a survivor-led nonprofit with a mission to prevent human trafficking in Washington State through education and empowerment. You are in a position to educate healthcare providers on the health implications of human trafficking and the role nurses have in identification and intervention of human trafficking.  

Why is provider education on trafficking so important?

Sex trafficking is a public health issue. Survivors experience both acute and chronic health issues while being trafficked, putting healthcare providers in a unique position to identify and assist children and adults experiencing exploitation. Studies have shown that over 80% of trafficking survivors have contact with medical providers while being trafficked, however only 6% of providers report caring for a person experiencing sex trafficking. WTP would like to increase healthcare provider knowledge and awareness of human trafficking, empowering healthcare workers to identify and assist those experiencing exploitation.   

Why is this program needed?

When we hear sex trafficking, we often think of kidnapping, however most exploitation starts much closer to home. Familial trafficking is one of the most common entry points into sex trafficking. Child exploitation has dramatically increased during the pandemic. King County alone reported a 162.5% increase in 2020. Child exploitation happens to the most vulnerable in our communities, who have unmet basic needs and have multiple intersections with oppression. The average age somebody is first exploited in Washington state is 14 years old. Healthcare providers need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify and assist those experiencing exploitation.

This virtual training session is an hour long on Wednesday 4/20/22 at 6pm. See the attached  flyer with more information about the program or you can register here.